Limit Omaha Hold’em Poker by Highest Combination Quiz. Part I

Examples on Limit Omaha by Highest Combination and Playing Tips. The 1st part

You play limit Omaha holdem poker and get in the following situations:

1) Your cards 9clubs8hearts6spades5spades Flop Jhearts10hearts7clubs

You make a bet during the flop. Person on your left side rises and button player calls. Should you reraise?

omaha game tipsDon’t reraise but call with tears in your eyes. Don’t even try to show me that you get nuts and don’t ask me to be your partner. I don’t need this weak hand of yours’. Only on the turn you need 13 of 45 cards to appear on the board for you to keep your nuts, and the chances that after the fourth and fifth cards you will still have your nuts are 6%. Split is possible but only owing to a miracle that your opponents will not improve their hands. Actually it is better to fold than call.

2) Your hand Qspades8hearts7spades7clubs Flop Jspades10spades9spades

You’re on the button and 5 five persons go on the flop. First makes a bet and three others call. Your actions?

Fold your cards. It is likely that someone has K-Q with higher straight and even if you draw your flush from queen up, you still are not in good running. If you raise and the first player reraises then a player with nut flush draw will stay; if a pair forms on the board you’re dead. Games where you don’t have nuts, where you can’t draw it and can’t kick somebody out of the pot (because it’s a pot-limit game) are games for tourists.

3) Your hand AspadesAhearts3spades2hearts Flop 9clubs4clubs4diamonds

Being in middle position you raise and three players call you, first before you and two others behind. On the flop first player checks. Your actions?

Bet. There is high possibility that your hand is the best, small pair on the board makes the flop quite good for the two aces if there aren’t a lot of people in the pot. In any kind of poker it is more difficult to win over two pairs with aces than over a pair of aces itself. Accident can happen if somebody checks on the flop. Of course if you bet and someone shows strength then you should reconsider your position. In Omaha you can’t stay out of bets just because somebody may raise you, cross the bridge when you reach it.

For continuation see The 2nd Part.