Limit Omaha High Poker by Highest Combination Quiz. Part II

Examples on Limit Omaha by Highest Combination and Playing Tips. The 2nd Part

For beginning see The 1st Part.

4) Your hand AspadesQspadesQhearts6hearts Flop Qdiamonds9spades6spades

On the flop you get a wonderful hand: high three-of-a-kind and nut flush draw. You say first on the flop and three players call you. On the turn there appears for example 4clubs. You make a bet, two opponents fold their cards and one calls. The last comes 3spades leaving you the nut flush. What should you do: bet or try check-raise?

helpful notes for OmahaDefinitely you should check. Your opponent probably has either flush or straight draw. In any case check instead of a bet gives you an opportunity to earn another ante. After you’ve been leading the pot and trying to collect nut straight or nut flush you may get an impression of failing. Assume the last card is 8 which forms a few possible straights with the flop cards. The right thing to do is bet, because in case your opponent has already finished his straight, he may simply open the cards.

5) Your hand: AspadesKspades9clubs7clubs Flop: Jspades10spades8spades

You come after blind and the flop gives you nut flush. In preflop a player on your left raises and three other players call him. After the flop you say first. What to do – bet or check?

Bet. The high cards on the board mean that some players have two pairs or three-of-a-kind. They can draw and beat you so try and make them pay for possible drawings. Don’t hope that the player who bet in preflop will continue to do it for you. You have in your hand two top cards for flush and you have to act yourself, so act.