Tips on Aces at the Dealing in Omaha Hi Poker

Aces Strategy in Omaha Hi

aces_1Whenever a player wins a big pot his opponent must have had a pair of aces at the dealing. Nevertheless you should logically estimate your chances to win with aces in your hands. If you have A-A-K-9 and on the board there are K-Q-8-7-5, the situation seems to have no danger and you assume having good chances to succeed. But in the real life in most cases you’ll lose because your opponent may have at least two pairs.

It looks like you should keep cool as for two aces but sometimes aggressive game with them is quite reasonable:

1. When there is a small pair on the board.

If the flop is 3-3-9 then a pair of aces has advantages in the game even on the river.

2. You have three aces.

Of course you should play them aggressively.

3. When your pair of aces suits an incomplete combination.

For example you have Ace of diamonds, Ace of clubs, 10 of clubs, 6 of spades and the flop is King of clubs, Jack of diamonds, 8 of clubs you should play fast, because you can collect suit, kind or on the contrary you’ll win simply by forcing your opponents to fold.

But more importantly don’t get caught making bet with a pair of aces in Omaha high poker ’cause it’s very dangerous if your opponents have four cards to play.

aces_2If you get a suit on the flop it’s important that you start playing it immediately. There are two reasons for it. First is that if you’re the only player who has collected suit on the flop one more suited card on the turn or on the river will not do you any harm (unlike holdem). If you manage to find out that you’re the only one with suit, it makes no difference whether the highest card is ace or eight and you should play similar in both cases. The only danger is a pair on the board. If you need to know more about how to win video poker game check it.

And the second reason lays in the fact that you’d like to know beforehand about your failure and making bets fast you can force players with better combinations to “win back” and estimate your chances to win more carefully. With small suit in Omaha you may also simply call.