Pot-Limit Omaha Holdem Strategy

Game Tactics in Pot-Limit Omaha Holdem Poker

Pot-limit Omaha has a reputation of a game with huge difference between winning and losing. Moreover this kind of poker is played at high sums. Luckily there are a lot of poker rooms all over the internet where one can play pot-limit Omaha at smaller sums. At this tables income variations are more tolerable what is quite interesting considering the fact that most players do not fully understand the very idea of the game. Information for first-timers in low limits is as follows.

game_tacticsIn pot-limit Omaha two factors are of greatest importance:

1. The necessity of getting nuts
2. Position at the table

In most cases to win in Omaha one has to get nuts while in Texas holdem less valuable combination would be enough. A lot of bad players will call for example with straight at a board where flush or full house is possible. Try not to follow them because it can cost you a lot! To collect nuts you should play from the very beginning only the combinations which can give you nuts at the end. For example play when your cards can give you nut straight or nut flush. In this game everything is based only on getting nut straight, nut flush or nut full house.

Good starting cards in pot-limit Omaha are:

Top pocket pairs

These are good cards. They allow you to get top full house. But if you don’t collect three-of-a-kind during the flop then you should fold.

Association strategy

For example four associated cards nine-heartseight-diamondseven-spadesix-hearts – those are very good starting cards because they give high chances to collect straight.

Suited cards in limit pots

Such cards like ten-diamondking-diamondseven-diamondthree-diamond are only worth playing when they give you a chance to get nut flush (with Ace). It is quite risky to wait for a smaller flush.

Position strategy plays a great role in pot-limit Omaha holdem. In this game any free card can mean your defeat. In other words in this kind of poker slow-playing is contra-indicated even if you have nuts! Straight or flush can be beaten by full house! That’s why if no one raises and you’re in late position, it’s better to bluff and take the pot. Hurry up – if you need to relax download video poker game and play some slots.

Therefore in early position don’t raise in preflop. Even if you have very strong cards like ace-spadeace-diamondking-spadequeen-diamond it is better to call. Only in late position you may raise. Besides that in pot-limit Omaha you shouldn’t raise simply to force your opponents to leave the game; this strategy may only be used to create a big pot.