Game Strategy with Three Pairs on the Flop in Omaha Hi

Some Tips on Playing Three Pairs in Omaha Hi Poker

The topic is quite rare but causing a lot of arguments among Omaha players as for how to play three pairs on the flop. One can beat one’s brain out thinking about the opportunities of getting three pairs in a game of five cards. But the situation can be such as this: you start with A-Q-J-8 and on the flop there come Q-J-8. Here are your three pairs.

Before taking any decision one should consider several factors:

Does the flop give anybody a hand better than yours?

Before taking decisionsTo form three pairs of K-8-2 is not bad because you are sure that you are not threatened with a line or other suit. And so your top pairs will be the strongest hand. However if the flop shows 10-J-Q or A-9-8 of hearts you are in a quite vulnerable position.

Will your opponents leave the bet unchanged on the turn if you’ve called it on the flop?

You need to make a certain analysis of your opponents to get an answer. Assume the flop is A-9-8 of hearts and you have A-K-9-8. Your opponent makes a bet. If you think that he will not change the bet on the turn if you call it on the flop then it makes sense to call and try to collect full house.

Is your opponent quite aggressive when a harmless flop is dealt?

high cards are dangerousThe K-8-2 is a beautiful flop for now, but be careful if your opponent is being evasive. If the situation with his hand is not completely clear it is likely that he has three of a kind. In this case you should get rid of your cards as soon as possible.

High cards are dangerous

If you have Q-J-9-7 and the flop is Q-9-7 there is no reason to think that your hand is not the strongest one. But if an ace or a king comes on the turn you should give up.

To cut a long story short you may play three pairs on the flop in Omaha hi if there are favourable conditions for it.